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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Who makes up this Crown Appointments Committee, and does the Queen have any input or influence in this decision?
I think the Nomination Committee as its also called can be made up of different people for different when for example they gather to decide who might be Knighted, and when they gather to decide who might be archbishop, they may not infact be the same people.

I know that for this particular Comittee there is a pannel of Sixteen who will interview each person as a collective obviously. The Crucial things which remain unknown are who decides which people sit on the Pannel, and who makes the nominations for the Pannel to consider...I suspect this is a collective thing between Government representatives in the Civil service, one of whom will no doubt be the chair of the comittee, and between something known as the General Synod, which is like the Church Council on a National Level. There is also such a body as The Church Comissioners, they, I believe have a vested interest in the Church Lands, Property, and Finacial situations...having taken over from the old Land Barons during the Reformation when the Church suddenly inherited one third of the entire landmass of England, to Rule under the Crown as property owners. Finally there is such things as the Convocation, which is to do with a gathering of the Bishops. I suspect its between all these institutions that one or two names eventually reach the top.

The selection Pannel will no doubt have representatives on all major parties, so Government Officials, Crown Representatives, Civil Service Personnel, a range of Clergy...and I do know there are several Lay people involved (that is people unordained)

As with all matters, Her Majesty, The Queen has the power, but she will almost certainly not use it. This means that, in theory, She has tasked this pannel to decide for her, and whilst, in theory, if she dissagreed with their findings, she could refuse their suggestion to appoint a specific candidate...but she simply will not do this on a realistic level without an unimaginable cause.

Because as I mentioned before, the Church is in essence a outlet of the Government, bizzarly, The Prime Minister must also give his official signiture to the new candidate. So the Comittee with report to the Prime Minister, and he shall take the suggestion to the Queen that under her charge, Her Government has enforced this selection pannel, and they have suggested she appoint Blah.

She will of course aggree...they are in this circumstance acting as her Counsel, or Chief Advisor. As far as I understand these two signitories must be added to the charter in order for the candidate to be selected. He may very well be summoned to Buckingham is likely, that all Candidates have also met the Queen, and probably personally once their names were put forwards. She has a habit of being very well wired into the Church...but that meeting wont be part of the official decision, because she has tasked a committee to do it for the sake of the democratic process of Government which occured during the Glorious Revolution, which after the Dissolution, Reformation, Abolition, Civil War and Restoration, removed her as Absolute Monarch, and instead placed her as a Constitutional Monarchy bound by the laws of the Church and the Government of that period, which include the acts of settlement and such like which actually place great restraints on her power...they dont forbid her to use power...they simply make it clear there will be shyty consequences if she does

Make no mistake...England is a Post-Revolution Nation...contrary to popular opinion, the true Revolution happened nearly a century AFTER the Civil War and Two Centuries after the Reformation...its simply forgotten about because it was settled by Courts and Coronations...NOT by battlefield warfare or Madame Guillotine
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