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Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron

Round 1:
Both fighters open orthodox. Hieron with a few inside leg kicks and then misses with a spinning back kick. Now a jab for Hieron. Ellenberger sneaks a left through as he moves in, but it didn't land significantly. Hard rear (right) uppercut from Ellenberger lands nicely and he's stalking Hieron now. Another spinning back kick from Hieron misses, but lands a glancing left hand. Hieron reaches for a single and Ellenberger balances off the other leg, separates and lands two hard punches. Ellenberger misses a few punches just before the end of the round.

B]Round 2:[/B]
Outside leg kick from Ellenberger to start the second frame, but eats a left hook from Hieron in the process. Hieron turning it on a bit landing outside leg kicks and short jabs, but misses on a single leg attempt. Ellenberger ducks a hook from Hieron and lands a beautiful double leg. Hieron is bleeding, but manages to create space with his guard enough to stand. Hieron peppering Ellenberger with leg kicks throughout the round, but misses with a spinning backfist.

Round 3:
Inadvertent groin shot temporarily halts the bout, but they resume fighting quickly. Hieron getting busy now throwing strike after strike. Ellenberger takes Hieron down, but Hieron gets right back to his feet. Hard outside leg kick now for Ellenberger, but Hieron is landing those more. The fighters trade leg kicks again. Knee tap from Ellenberger fails, but lands a knee on the clinch break. Wild hook just before the bell drops Hieron.

Jake Ellenberger def. Jay Hieron by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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