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Danny Castillo vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1:
Josh Rosenthal is the referee for this lightweight bout. It doesn't take long before Castillo catches Johnson with a gigantic right hand, then follows on the ground with a series of hammer fists. Castillo from top position, tries to move into position for a triangle, then moves to side control. Johnson escapes a triangle, but eats a couple elbows from Castillo. Johnson, in half-guard, lands a right hand to the body and another to the head. Johnson doing his best to keep him wrapped up. Johnson doing a good job keeping Castillo tied up. Johnson briefly pushes Castillo off, but Castillo dives right back on top of him late. Johnson did a good enough job defending in the second half of the round to keep it from being a 10-8.

Round 2:
Johnson sprawls a Castillo takedown attempt and throws a front kick. And Johnson pulls off his Tim Boetsch moment. Castillo went for a low kick and Johnson hit a short left directly to the jaw. Castillo hit the mat and Johnson followed up with several big right hands before Rosenthal stopped it.

Michael Johnson def. Danny Castillo via knockout at 1:06 of round two.
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