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Diego Nunes vs. Bart Palaszewski

Round 1:
Nunes has long been know as a defense-first fighter, but he tags Palaszewksi with a big right hand and chases after him, landing another blow which opens a cut over his left eye. But the veteran Palaszewski swiftly manuevers Nunes into a triangle choke. while it's tight, Nunes manages to hang on. Nunes still in the triangle, but not nearly as tight. Two minutes into the fight. Nunes finally pops free and gets top position. He lands several big elbows. Nunes stands, is wary of an upkick, but lands a punch. Both scramble to their feet. Gigantic right hand by Nunes drops him. Palaszewski somehow keeps his wits and covers up. Final minute. Nunes stands again, then passes guard and lands several more blows in the closing seconds.

Round 2:
Less frenetic pace in the opening moments. Palaszewski throws a combo. But Nunes tags him with a spinning back first, then scores a takedown. Palaszewski fends him off and gets back to his feet midway through the round, then connects on a body kick. Nunes throws a big right which glances his opponent's temple. One minute left. Nunes mixing up his strikes. Nunes with a late takedown.

Round 3:
Palaszewski knows he needs a finish to win the fight, and connects on a left hook. He wobbles Nunes with a combo. Nunes still looks dazed. He throws and misses a spinning back kick. They trade kicks for awhile. Three minutes left. Both fighters look tired. Nunes throws a right and Palaszewksi answers with a combo. Two minutes left, Palaszewksi is going to have to summon one more big flurry. Nunes playing it more cautious this round. He halfheartedly attempts a takedown, nothing comes of it. One minute left, Nunes looks more energetic. Spinning kick lands to the ribs. Drops him with a big right, Nunes unleashes the ground and pound but Bart's saved by the bell.

Diego Nunes def. Bart Palaszewski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).
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