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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
The Bishop of Durham definitely sounds like the best choice, but would the elder bishops feel slighted if he were picked and would that play a part in his consideration. Why is there such a gap between those near retirement and the "freshmen"? No one in between?
Well...when a post like this becomes Vacent, candidates are always few and far between because of the importance of the Role. Out of respect the Senior Bishop is always considered...London is the most Senior Bishop...obviously the Primates are considered, so York in this case, that goes without saying...and usually, it would probably be one of them as the favourite...but at a time when the communion is frigile...the Church is worried about putting in a Hardline Conservative...because they will inevitably split the communion, an thus diminish their own office infact as head, not only of the Church of England...but the entire Anglican Communion...thats a massive chunk of the protestant church world wide.

I dont really know how they draw up this list of candidates. The real problems with the other three is that they havent been Bishops very is it right to make them Archbishop? To do so, would be to technically do what the United States did with Barack Obama...make the most important person someone with no great experience in their field, the top dog...thats one hell (pardon the pun) of a gamble.

With has to also say, is it fair on the diocise to rob them of two Bishops within such close succession? The Guy has only been on his throne one year since the last...and every time their is a new bishop, the whole mood and order of the diocise it fair to do that to Durham as a Diocise?

I dont know...but I imagine this is why they cant decide...They havent got a middle of the range player...the guys are either young and free thinking, or old and dangerously conservative.

We saw how with Rowan Williams, they took a gamble and it flopped...Rowan was selected from the Church in Wales...Not surprisingly one of the things he's talked about is Dis-Establishment of the Church from the Crown....why might that be? because HE ISNT ENGLISH and therefore its not as important to him...But should you really but a Welsh Man as head of the Church of England...when that position relies on the State-Religion unification? Obviously not...because your asking someone who isnt native, to cherish what is not native to him....yet absolutely essential to his post....If the Church is disestablished it is no longer the Church of England, and it will loose its rights and privilages that it gained during the Civil War.

For Example...if you get married in a Church of England Church then the Priest acts not only as a Minister of Religion, but also as a minister of the Crown, in a LEGAL sence refering to the Laws surrounding Marriage....IF you get married in anyt other Denomination...EVEN any other Protestant denomination...then you need a Priest AND a Legal Registrar...because that particular priest is not backed by the Crown, and All Laws must therefore be made in the presence of Someone who does have the legal capacity to say these two are wed in British Law, as well as just Spiritually.

The Government also have to do things like make sure that there is a Church of England Church in every part of the Kingdom...because as well as being Spiritual, they are, in essence, an ancient form of Government Department...and just like you have a local Government Council for each this is the Government providing Spirituality for their population.

Do you follow...The Church of England, is Truely, and Historically, The British Governments Department of Spirituality...which makes the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, The Cabinate Minister for Spirituality...But because this form was taken BEFORE a permanent Government sat...its independant of the Government, and actually classed as a DIRECT Branch of the British Crown...its MORE akin to Castles and the Military...its somewhere between Government, and Civil Service.

This is why the Queen is The Defender Of The Faith...and the Archbishop of Canterbury The First Amoung Equals.

With their very essence so can you say they should be disestablished?? Yet the present ABC actually said that publically and was in favour...thankfully noone was really listening at the time.
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