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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
so why can't women be priests or pastors?
According to the World Wide Anglican Communion, they pretty much can be Priests now. Infact it was the early 1990s when the Church of England declaired it was theologically sounds for Women to be priests. The issues around this are based on the New Testament theology advocated through pauline scripture...and they are open to interpretation. For example, Paul clearly states that the role of women is to be covered up and silent, and the role of the man is to speak up and lead. However, even in Saint Paul's day there appeared to be house churches run by women. The general view was therefore moved from Women should be silent and therefore shouldnt be ministers, to Women can be ministers where there is a lacking of leadership from men.

Now that covers Ordination of Women into the priesthood...but a Bishop isnt ordained, a Bishop is Consecrated....Consecration doesnt mean that the Established Church recognises a personal calling from GOD for a person to means the Established Church recognises that GOD has decided he shall make Holy an individual.

Those who dont really aggree with Women in Ministry, obviously are going to dissagree even more with making women Holy in some way. Adam, they say was made Holy by Christ, the Second Adam so to speak theologically...but Eve...well she was never redeemed in that way can you really say that GOD would ever make Holy a Woman like he would a Man, not just to minister, but to be a Shepheard of His Sheep...for Bishops then have Flocks, their Diocise.

Some say the theology should be ignored, after all, its theological, Bishops, whilst Consecrated still make mistakes and are therefore not Holy in the sence of being infallible...but Holy in the sence of a Church, or a Graveyard being Holy...Sacred Land, Sacred Person. Others say that if you've ordained women then you recognise GOD has called some, and therefore you have to recognise he could equally call them to be consecrated...and in some areas of the Anglican Church that has already been approved as a logical step...but not yet in England itself

I have to say from having been present at a Consecration of Bishops Service and many Ordinations...there is FAR greater power...almost tennable power, in a Consecration Service....GOD really does seem to reveal the hearts of the men involved...and sometimes, I gotta say he reveals that they are NOT of the Standard...and yet the Church still goes ahead with its Ceremony anyway...I know a Priest who I cant even think of as being a Priest...and he moved on, in the 8 years since we parted company, to become a Sufferegen Bishop in the Diocise of York...and more recently, has actually become a Bishop of Chichester. Thats the ultimate conflict of Church Vs GOD...where the Church consecrates and considers Holy, people GOD has rejected...if that happens, then, in my eyes, even if GOD never considers a woman doesnt stop the church from simply deciding she what bloody difference does it actually make...GOD seems to work with whats put infront of him by the Church whether he truely selected them or not.
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