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Default The New ArchBishop of Canterbury

So Thankfully Rowan Williams who has been Canterbury for quite some time now, and pretty much buggered it up, except for avoiding a full out split in the Anglican Communion, but thats only coz he's actually spent an entire decade doing everything but tackling the issues of Women Priests and openly homosexual Bishops has decided he's going to step down. The philosophical ejit who once said there was provision in England for Islamic Sharia Law to govern those Muslims in this country needs to be replaced.

Therein lies a problem.

They were supposed to announce the Successor last week....The Crown Appointments Committee which is charged with the selection has spent more then three days in debate and apparently the verdict is split, they are failing to come to a decision as to which candidate is best....probably because they either go for a non qualified person, or a conservative whose only method of tackling the issues Rowan wont will be to make a stand and cause the communion, probably, to collapse

By Default The ArchBishop of York must be a contender. John Sentamu however is an evangelic with conservative leanings. There are three issues with his appointment, the first, He's a black man, and thats something that has never happened in the position of ABC before, the issue of race, not an immediate issue until you remember that the split over the issue of gays, tends to be the Black Gospel African Contingent of the Communion against the White Liberal American Episcopalians...the opposing view will no doubt take a racial stance, leaving John in a difficult position. Secondly, he's a bit too noisy with the press. He's abit to supportive of the Greens, the Anarchists, the camping in a tent to make a point about poverty...which might make him seem too undignified for the post. Finally...he's old and close to retirement.

By Default The Bishop of London must also be a contender. The major issue with Bishop Richard is that he has VERY close links with Royalty, particularly Prince Charles, who is unpopular with the public and the government. Need I say that he would be a key supporter of Charles as ABC in the event of the Queens Death and a Royal Accession occuring. Many people would rather that Charles Abdicate, or, with any luck, is outlived by his Mother. Secondly, Whilst London will tollerate Women Priests, and will even receive Communion possibly...he refuses point blank, to Ordain them as Priests, much less consider them for Consecration as Bishops. Need we also say that Richard is Ancient, and therefore also close to retirement.

Another Contender is the Bishop of Norwich, Now he has quite a Synodical background, assistant to archbishops in the past, Government beloved seat in the Lords, Various important councils. The disadvantage of this man is that he might be to connected to the administrations, He's a politician in the Church sence of the word. He may also be highly valued in some of these roles, which he may be forced to give up were he to be appointed, and that might be too much of a loss to the establishment...he is also pushing towards retirement.

The next contender is The Bishop of Coventry and their are serious concerns here. Coventry is an open evangelical, fall on the fall, can I have a Haleuljah type, he also happens to be the youngest Bishop in the Church of England AND He's only been a Bishop since 2008. He's what you might consider a wild card, young, fresh...but unknown and unqualified.

Finally there is The Bishop of Durham. Durham is one of the more important Cathedrals in England, and also of the Northern Province. Now Personally...and beyond a Shadow of a doubt, THIS is who they should choose for the position IMO This Bishop began life as a Business man in the secular world. So he is aware of work place politics, and he's successful at balencing the idea of State (Government) and Church (Religion) He was Dean of Liverpool Cathedral before being consecrated, so as well as understanding life from the point of view of a Bishop, he also understands it from the point of view of the Cathedral Community (Church will be important to him as well as diocise therefore)

He has a background in finance, which will be key since the Church is in a dire state financially, and the economy hasnt helpped. He has practical knowledge in this area invaluable as a transferable skill!

There is but one problem with Durham....He only became a Bishop this time last year

anyone has to be better then what we have right now...after all, we all remember the visit of The Pope to England, and the fact that Rowan Williams allowed him to set foot inside the Royal Pecculiar of Westminster Abbey, something that was LOST to the papacy in 1558....after about 560 years, the Pontif reclaimed the heart of Anglicanism
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