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I wish you could have seen it, Nate. Mitt was totally prepared and countering everything Obama was saying. Even Bill Maher was tweeting about the President's less than stellar performance. I like this kind of forum where it's mainly the candidates debating with little interference from the moderator. They both went over their two minutes (Obama more so than Romney). Obama was the one who was going way over his 2 minutes, and then when Mitt tried to rebutt, Jim Lehrer would try to go on to something else, but Mitt didn't let him do that to him and he got his points in. I hope he doesn't let whoever the other moderators are in the next two debates pull any fast ones on him while giving the President all the time to speak.

I hope the other two debates go just as well for Romney. The only thing that worries me is what "surprises" Obama's campaign is going to come up with next especially now that Mitt won this first debate.
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