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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I wonder if he is avoiding the question? Or maybe he has me on his ignore list and can't see my posts.

Nate? Anyone? Anyone have an opinion on the question? I would love to hear it. Bueller?

"so as a Christian, what is one supposed to do about it (this subject)?"
Well, the first step is to not compromise the truth just because it happens to be unpopular. We need to bear witness to the truth of GOD's Word. Even if it costs us our freedom, our families, or even our lives, we must stand up for the truth. Right now it's just unpopular in this country to be a Christian, however, very soon it could become dangerous to be a Christian in America.

Secondly, we are blessed enough to have been born into a country where we are allowed to speak out against our government and stand up for our religious beliefs without repercussions. Of course, those freedoms are becoming increasingly restricted as our nation drifts towards Liberalism, but we still have a responsibility to stand up for Biblical truth.

Third, for those people who have children, the most important job of any parent is to raise children that love GOD. That's your primary mission field. Raising children who hunger and thirst for righteousness is more important than their health, it's more important than their financial security, and it's more important than their education. As our pastor has said, he'd rather have sons who were dirt-poor, high school dropouts and loved GOD, instead of sons who were successful doctors who had no time for GOD.

I'm not saying that kids should be uneducated, I'm just saying that no amount of education is going to save your children from Hell. So, just remember that their relationship with Christ is infinitely more important than their college diploma.

If a law like this one in California isn't challenged, then it's just a matter of time before parents will be deemed unfit by the State for teaching their children Biblical morality.

Finally, and this is the most important thing, we can pray. Pray for our leaders that GOD might direct their path and pray for a revival in our nation.
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