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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
If you don't believe in the authority of Scripture, then no, you can't claim to be a Christian. Well, technically, you could claim to be a Christian, but you would just be a liar.

As for me, personally, I couldn't care less if two guys I've never met want to sleep together. If a same-sex couple in California wants to get married, that will never affect me. But this is NOT about my personal opinions or what I am able to tolerate. It's about GOD's standards, not humankind's standards.

Human society is built completely by sinful, corrupted minds. GOD's standards are perfect. So is it any surprise that our society would so often tell people to do exactly the opposite of what GOD wants us to do?

What worries me the most here is that I fear young men are going to be told that they are gay, just because they don't fit into our society's accepted stereotypes of masculinity, and their parents and/or churches will have their hands legally tied if they want to tell those kids differently.

so as a Christian, what is one supposed to do about it? besides saying it is wrong, writing on a forum that the gov't is leading the country to hell?? ?not saying you personally, but how many Christians have done something? write their gov't, hold a rally?, create a petitiion?? is it enough to just say it is wrong and not try and change the problem?
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