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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
in your opinion though it is a sin ... i see nothing wrong with men or women carrying on a relationship with the same sex ... if they are in a loving, monogomous relationship, i see nothing wrong with it ... i agree you were taught that it is a sin .. that is fine ... i still don't think a parent should be able to put their kid through "therapy" which involves some would say torture for an "ailment" the teen doesn't feel is detrimental to their well-being ..
first off the stuff you claim is going on is already illegal, there doesn't need to be another law making it illegal to shock someone in the balls against their will

secondly is incest okay since it is a loving monogamous relationship, how about pedophilia as long as both parties are consentual

Originally Posted by flo View Post
I personally try to accept people for who they are
since you said you are open to being swayed, i will just say ask you if you are open to accepting people as pedophiles, incestous, "animal lovers", etc....

and lastly, if the whole ball shocking thing was some form of perverted sex, then it would be getting "protection", instead of ranting about leaving them alone with what happens behind closed doors, they are banning it
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