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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
I had actually picked Wiman, but didn't change it in the picks. I stand by going with the picks that were already posted. That being said, you deserve the nod before I deserve to share it.
I still think if Sass hadnt have given up the leglock...and had the armbar attempt not been against the cage side...Sass would have eventually won that one

You have to understand that I knew and met Paul Sass long before he was probably the first person to write an artical about him, YEARS before he was ever in the UFC

I remember him 4-0 comming down backstage at Cage Gladiators after the show looking a bit worse for wear and saying "yeah, but I still look pretty dont I"

This was his first ever loss thankfully the majority view across the mma community is that it was an hoepfully with another win all will be forgotten
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