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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
It doesn't matter whether they are born gay or not, it doesn't make the act of homosexuality any less sinful. Sin nature exists in all of us, saying "I was born this way" is not an excuse to sin regardless of whether someone is gay or straight.

What about people who are born schizophrenic? Does that mean that they don't need treatment?

Then there are those who are born with a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism. Since they were "born that way" does that mean that alcoholism is actually a healthy lifestyle for those people?
in your opinion though it is a sin ... i see nothing wrong with men or women carrying on a relationship with the same sex ... if they are in a loving, monogomous relationship, i see nothing wrong with it ... i agree you were taught that it is a sin .. that is fine ... i still don't think a parent should be able to put their kid through "therapy" which involves some would say torture for an "ailment" the teen doesn't feel is detrimental to their well-being ..
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