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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Do you believe that some children experience gender confusion? Some people don't. They think it boils down to a person being gay or not, that black and white.

If you do believe that some children can be experiencing gender confusion, do you believe that they should not be entitled to professional help with it?

Surely you don't think they should have to rely soley on friends, family or peers? I mean wouldn't you have to wonder if one or some of those areas could very well be part of the problem in the first place.

Some kids who 'feel gay' desparately want to be straight or 'normal' (a term that I have heard them use). I definitely don't think any kid should be forced into this but I don't think any options or offers of help should be taken away from them.
sure ... but some of the "therapy" includes shocking the patients .. sometimes in the genitals ... providing drugs that make them sick and hallucinate ... i don't agree with that ... prayer groups .. support systems .. they are fine .. i think someone just tries to make money off the religious by claiming they are a conversion therapist ... no one says taking your teen to a priest or pastor and having them read with the person parts of the bible that talks about homosexuality is wrong ... but someone taking their child to some pseudo-therapist is selfish and can definitely harm the person undergoing the therapy
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