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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
Guess due to political reasons I get nothing showing I won the UFC 152 predictions. Hmm I was viewing every time someone wins and wow the results and the siggie are presented asap. In all seriousness save your siggie. No big deal. This type of immature behaviour is why this place is a graveyard.
Love Fox,
WTH? Is "I expect my coronation soon. Bisping fashion." a request for a sig award? Yes, I try to get the sig awards done asap. But surprise! I have a life apart from being on the MHF. I have not been on much in the last several weeks. So please excuse me that I didn't fathom from that remark that you wanted a sig. And all this histrionic behavior is because I didn't get a sig award up in 48 hrs from your comment? Of course, the first time I made you one, you never bothered using it or thanking me for it.

So I'll tell you what lady, you take over the sig awards. You've ruined that joy for me just as you've ruined this forum for several people here with your ugly behavior.
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