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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
You could tell Jones was favoring that arm after the fight. Joe said could be something snapped or broke. I really wish Vitor could have finished it quickly with that, but...

Vitor seems like such a nice guy.
Last night they were saying nerve damage to Jon's arm. He was going to let it break and lose that way rather than tap. Hopefully he didn't mess it up too bad.

As for Vitor, I thought about this for a few last night. Do you think that maybe he let it go rather than breaking his arm? Kinda like Matt did with Royce once he knew that he wouldn't tap.

And for Ben...If you were working last night can you suggest that when they put stats and percentages up that they give more information? What I mean is they would show like 'Leg kicks' and provide how many landed and the percentage. Not all of us can calculate how many were thrown when 3 sheets to the wind
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