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OK, so now that we've had 2 episodes of TUF already (both of which I've missed ), I figure it's time for me to finish watching these preview fights!!

Next dude up is Colton Smith (videos 14-19). 14 is an MMA fight he wins by Anaconda in the first. 15 is a BJJ match he's controlling for 95% but the other guy gets a reversal in the closing seconds to win on points. 16-18 is one-round-each of an MMA fight, which he eventually loses by decision. 19 is an MMA win by RNC.

His striking leaves something to be desired. Very aggressive & willing to trade, yes, but lots of hands-down-chin-up with winging haymakers. He moves forward into the clinch quickly, looks for the takedown & once on top, maintains on control very well. His MMA jits is pretty good & he has nice GnP to compliment it. Also, seems to listen to his coaches well, which will be a help on the show.
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