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TJ Grant vs. Evan Dunham

Round 1:
Dan Miragliotta is our referee. Dunham, the southpaw, finds his range early with his right hand. Grant responds with a leg kick followed by a right hand. Both men trade combinations, with Dunham tagging Grant repeatedly across the jaw. Grant just eats the shots and circles away. Good pace going so far. Grant connects with an awkward head kick after a collision. A bloodied Dunham grits his teeth and pushes forward. Grant initiates the clinch and lands a jarring short elbow against the fence. Another shot lands flush and Dunham squirms out, changing levels and powering Grant to the ground with a double leg takedown. Thirty seconds left and Dunham can't do anything with his positon.

Round 2:
Dunham misses wildly with a flurry and head kick to open the round. Grant blasts Dunham with a straight right but immediately eats a stiff counter. Grant exits the clinch with a huge knee and follows with another straight right. Wow, Dunham is gashed open on his forehead but he's still game. Both men just stand in the pockets and trade crazy flurries, each connecting solidly. A red stripe of blood is pouring down the center of Dunham's face. Again both fighters trade wild combination but neither seems fazed. Dunham drops down and drags Grant to the mat, but it's short lived. The horn sounds and Grant is covered in Dunham's blood. Furious action in that round.

Round 3:
The cut on Dunham's head is huge -- about six inches long -- and still oozing blood, but Dunham doesn't seem to care as he runs in a greets Grant with a salvo of punches. Another exchange and a hunk of vaseline flies off Dunham's forehead, unleashing a cascade of blood pouring down his face. Grant connects with a left hook on his way out of the clinch, but Dunham responds with a combination. Amazingly, Grant's pace has slowed and Dunham seems fresh as a daisy, aside from the river of blood on his head. Dunham charges forward connecting with looping shots, ending with a body kick. Grant defends a takedown and retakes the center of the cage. Grant uncorks a one-two then ducks under a straight punch. Another furious exchange ends with a Dunham head kick nearly taking Grant's head off. Dunham changes levels and bulldozes Grant to the mat. Dunham frantically tries to work his ground and pound, but the horn signals the end of the round. Hell of a fight.

T.J. Grant def. Evan Dunham via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
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