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Sean Pierson vs. Lance Benoist

Round 1:
Josh Rosenthal oversees the action. Benoist misses wildly right off the bat. Pierson briefly initiates the clinch but can't land anything and the two retake the center of the cage. Pierson answers a leg kick by flooring Benoist with a straight right. Benoist pops back up and Pierson holds him against the cage but can't follow up. Benoist seems to have recovered and fires another leg kick out. Pierson catches it and drops him with a left hand. Pierson greets Benoist on the mat with a huge looping left, but quickly finds himself fending off an armbar from guard. Pierson works out of trouble and stands back up. Pierson eats a punch and responds with another big left hook, and Benoist seems to be in trouble. Benoist is visibly tired but again Pierson fails to follow up, and the two men end the round in the cage of the Octagon.

Round 2:
Pierson backs Benoist up with a combination to start the second fame. Benoist works forward, then shoots in but is reversed and taken down by Pierson. Benoist patiently climbs back to his feet, but thus far it's all Pierson, who charges forward with another flurry. A straight left dazes Benoist, who nonetheless continues to walk forward. Benoist launches forward and connect with a combination, his first significant offense of the round. Pierson paws forward with his jab and lands a right cross. Thirty seconds left and Pierson changes levels, only to be stuffed.

Round 3:
Benoist opens the final round on the aggressive, though none of his punches land flush. Benoist pushes forward with a double jab, and another. Three minutes left and the pace has slowed significantly. Benoist caps an exchange with a strong right hand that finds its mark. Pierson eats a jab and responds with his own. Benoist slips a punch, steps back and connects with a right hook. Another wild left hook stumbles Pierson and Benoist smells blood. Benoist unloads a salvo against the fence and Pierson crashes to the mat. Benoist jumps all over Pierson. This one may be stopped. Pierson valiantly ties up, but loses his back and Benoist nearly sinks in a choke. Thirty seconds left and Pierson somehow squirms out. The bell sounds with both men back on their feet. Wow, what a finish.

Sean Pierson def. Lance Benoist via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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