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Jimmy Hettes vs. Marcus Brimage

Round 1:
Our referee for the opening FX bout is Yves Lavigne. A pair of stiff right hands tag Hettes, who eats the shots and circles away. Hettes ducks under a punch and shoots in for a takedown, but it's stuffed. Hettes charges forward and nails Brimage in the nether region with a kick, but Brimage just shakes it off. "The Bama Beast" connects with a flurry, then drops Hettes by kicking out his back leg. Hettes pops back up only to eat a huge right hand and return to the canvas. Brimage swarms with punches but Hettes ties him up inside his guard. Brimage wants none of it and stands back up. Brimage is headhunting now. Hettes finds his mark with a short shot, and two trade several flurries. Brimage is slowing down but still connects with a stiff left hand. Brimage catches Hettes again with another right hand. And another, as the round comes to a close.

Round 2:
Brimage has a small cut over his left eye. Hettes misses wildly with a head kick, and Brimage briefly takes his back in the ensuing scramble. Brimage is throwing everything he has into his punches. Hettes slips a looping punch and drags Brimage to the mat, landing in guard. Brimage eats a short elbow, nearly gives up his back, then frantically scoots out the back door to return to his feet. Hettes connects with a powerful jumping knee and follows by dragging the fight back to the ground. Hettes seizes Brimage's back and slaps on a body triangle. Not a good spot for "The Bama Beast." Brimage breaks out of the body triangle and tries to stand back up, only to find himself back in the same position seconds later. Hettes staying patient, slowly working for the choke. Brimage sweeps and explodes back to his feet. A minute remains in the round. Brimage charges forward and connects on the back end of a combination. Hettes slips a punch and answers with a counter that lands flush. Brimage charges forward for one more flurry as the horn sounds.

Round 3:
Final round and this fight is likely still up for grabs. Both men touch gloves and we're off. Brimage backs Hettes up with a combination before connecting with a series of leg kicks. Brimage is noticeably slower with his flurries. "The Bama Beast" is throwing punches with reckless abandon, but nothing seems to be landing flush and Hettes is just walking through everything. Hettes pushes forward and half-heartedly shoots for a takedown, but it fails. Brimage misses wildly and eats a hook for his troubles. Brimage sprawls to avoid another lethargic takedown attempt and responds with another flurry. A leg kick spins Hettes around, and the urgency starts to pick up. Hettes yells something to Brimage as the two men trade one last wild exchange.

Marcus Brimage def. Jimmy Hettes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

I wonder what he yelled...
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