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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i probably don't know much about US politics ... even though i don't .. i dont' think it is good policy to not worry about 47% of the people and focus on the rest ... mitt has been saying some dumb things .. like he doesn't even care and doesn't want to win the election ....... i know that is not true .. but hey .. what do i know ..
I think he was really talking about Obama's base when he made that 47% statement. I don't think he truly meant to include others that make up that 47% total, but it doesn't change the truth about what he was trying to say. There are a certain amount of people who WANT the government to pay for them and those people are going to vote for Obama, not him, and that's the TRUTH, and that's what he was saying!

Originally Posted by flo View Post
At least we can appreciate the karma of the jihadist that died from inhaling the smoke of the flag he had just burned...
Wow. Maybe that particular U.S. flag was made in China.

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