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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i hear ya .. but thats the point .. mitt said those things behind doors to his rich donors ... do you think that is something he would actually say if he knew the cameras were on? i doubt it he'll defend what he said when it comes to the televised debates ..
To his rich donors? You say that like it's a bad thing, who do you think would be at a campaign dinner, hobos? It's not like Obama doesn't do the same thing, lol! It's too bad you aren't as concerned about Obama's gaffes when he thought he was off-mike, like telling Pres. Medvedev that he'd "have more flexibility after the election" regarding missile defense. Do you understand the implications of that statement and Medvedev's reply?

Mitt HAS said it when the cameras are on. You see, like Dethbob said, we conservatives believe there should be a safety net for those who can't care for themselves. Other that that, we believe in self-reliance. Under Obama, government entitlements have increased to a point that is unsustainable. We are quickly going the way of Greece only with 30 x their population. If that happens, believe me, it will affect Canada.
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