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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You know we have a REAL problem looming here...

I see tensions between Israel and Iran and I dont like it....I also see Tension between Germany and Greece...There is the issue of Syria and the Arab Spring...There is the issue of a new wave of Anti-Americanism on the verge of a Presidential Ellection...The Austrailian Republicans moving against the commonwealth and China and Japan squabbling over south pacific islands.

Has anyone considered the possibility that Iran ALREADY HAS Nuclear weapons and are waiting for Israel to conduct an airstrike so they can retaliate in a nuclear capacity? Israel is rather predictable...if she feels threatened she will attempt to assert control...all you need is a few enlightened individuals in Iran and you could, in effect, set a trap.

I find the international stage at the moment VERY frightening
It is frightening and I was just about to ask the question, "Who doesn't believe Iran already has nuclear weapons or is close to having them?" Oh, wait, apparently our President doesn't.

If they don't already have them, I believe they're not far from it. And you could be right about them just waiting for Israel to strike and then say they are justified... Scary scary stuff!!!!

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