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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
An "Adios"! Oh, and usually a presidential library named after them.

Here is an interesting article I saw on Drudge. I think it probably sums up how the Obama administration and his Middle East policies are viewed by Israel:
Oh...if only we could do that with ours...Maggie Thatcher...can you believe STILL in the House of Lords....(The SENIOR House which has to sign off...OR REJECT...the laws created and discussed in the Commons....where she was Prime Minister aproximately a quarter of a century ago!!)

Benyamin Netenyahu has never really gotten on with Barack Obama, it has to be said...and Barack Obama has not really supported Israel vocally...For example, when the Turkish Flotilla was invading the water territory, Obama paid them off!! When Israel moved to develope a housing establishment on the west bank, Obama told them off!! He's done F All about Palestine either...and ad far as the Israelis are concerned...he isnt dealing with Iran.

You do realize that Israel is mere weeks away from launching airstrikes on parts of Iran...they will move BEFORE the US Ellection so to cause as much problems for Obama as possible...they plan on buying his silence with threatening his Jewish Vote.
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