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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Nice try, rnc. I love it how the looney left just announces "the election is all but over", hoping that delusional statement will somehow keep people from voting for Romney in November. I can't wait for Nov. 6th!!

BTW, Obama's convention bounce is gone and once again, Romney is leading in the presidential match-up according to the latest Rasmussen polls.
In England...all the Tabloids representing the left have gone very silent...they stirred up shyte when poor Romney came across to visit just before the Olympics...but since then they've gone quiet

The papers of the Right keep saying that on points Barack Obama is begining to slip behind in favour. You know when the papers of the Left stop reporting things and pretend they dont exist that they realize that their position is fast going

In the international world everyone is expecting it to be a close fight with Romney winning it
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