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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
When they are on duty, government officials and members of the military do NOT have the right to express their personal opinions unless they are specifically asked for it. And even then, their personal opinions should NEVER interfere with the performance of their duties. Those agencies exist to protect democracy, not to practice it. That's just how it's always been.
Since when was any Government (outside of a Jaunta) bound by any kind of Military Law whatsoever. Are the disciplinary procedures for members of your Government and associated branches...even...for example, the Department of Defence...not based on Civil Law?? Do you really haul them before a Court Mashal??? That would be extraordinary

The Government Structure is made of Civil Servants, not Military Personnel...they are Civilians...NOT soldiers....Even the top level of the Military it could be argued are only Military in else do you justify someone with zero military experience being incharge of the entire armed force...thats absurd if to be taken as anything more then a token.

BUT it is interesting that you give that answer...because there is an argument of professionalism in politics...the problem with this, is that politics on the whole is nothing but the practise of lies to decieve a nation, and the world, into getting exactly what the rulling elite want. That is why its an ellected dictatorship...but a dictatorship non the less.
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