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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah ... its so despicable that he is trying to stop violence and killing around the globe ... the idiot that made this movie had one motive and that it to piss people off and cause this crap ... if you have watched the film, he duped the actors and everyone in the film into making what he made .. and i don't even think he is american ... i think he is eqyptian ... but whatever ..
How is what they are doing going to stop this mindless violence? They've mishandled this situation from the get-go, constantly getting on tv, apologizing, placating, they've made us look weak and pathetic! All they've done is to validate these radicals' "reasoning" for all this violence by constantly mentioning and blaming this film. Do you honestly think these protestors have seen that film? When asked, they've said they haven't seen the film, but were "told" about it. Who is telling them about it? Who is encouraging their violence?....their radical Islamic leaders perhaps. And I guess it's just a fluke all this started on Sept. 11?!

It's being reported that the Benghazi compound was previously attacked this summer with an IED so it was already a target before this film came out. They knew where the safe house was. This attack was not a "spontaneous" one spurred by some little known Youtube film. What happened in Egypt, those protests had to be planned too. This film is just being used to fuel the situation, but it didn't cause what was already there.

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