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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
It's also despicable to me that the Obama Administration would be verbally attacking an American's free speech rights in order to appease terrorists.

Firstly...Barack Obama would rather this film never have been made, because the response to it makes his life more difficult...this has nothing to do with appeasing has to do with making his campaign trail easy enough...why? coz without the film he wouldnt have to deal with these new terrorists.

Secondly...Does your government not have the right to express its opinion? if it dissagrees with this film, should it keep stum? Would that not be to exert a form of tyrany over your Government?

Finally...there is a case where a large number of Americans think because they have the freedom to do whatever they want, they SHOULD do it, just because they can. I'm not sure why anyone would bother to make films to poke fun at other peoples religions, unless they were deliberately intending to cause distress. Just because you can...doesnt mean you should...and whilst the response is on the people who respond...let us make quite clear that the self discipline not to rise to a taunt should be equaled by the ability not to be so imature as to make the taunt in the first place.

America often acts without thinking of the consequences, and her people, often move emotively without engaing rationale. We all remember how just a few years ago, despite knowing that burning Qurans would not stop the spread of Islam and would only make matters worse and more unsafe for the troops on the front...a worryingly large number of people ON THIS VERY FORUM, considered it perfectly justified, simply to quell their own rage, and to make a two fingered gesture which was most unbecoming, and entirely GODless in its malice. summery...Obama is only thinking about himself...not about the American people, and not about the Terrorists. The film makers and those who think abusing the freedom they have been granted, on an emotive whim, without the slightest thought about consequences beyond their selfish need to express themselves in a degrading and appaulingly rude manner, is quite deliberate, and just as inexcuseable as the violence the results due to reception by a people with next to no self control over religion period.

Finally...the film and the embassy violence, are not as connected as everyone is making out. 9/11 will be the reason for any planned attack, but general riots with no purpose and anti-americanism views will be due to the negative properganda of films like the one being dicussed.
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