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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Is the Arab Spring turning into a nightmare for Israel and America? The expression, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't," comes to mind seeing what is happening now in Egypt. Is this what the Egyptian people had in mind when they ousted Mubarak...the Muslim Brotherhood? I've been watching the news stories, some people, like John McCain, think we shouldn't give up on democracy in the Middle East, others think we should withdraw from that part of the world and withdraw all our financial aid. Is democracy realistic for the Middle East and these other Muslim countries, or, are we just kidding ourselves?

What do you think?
Well...most of us dont understand President Barack Obama over Egypt certainly.

Hosni Mubarack was an allied force to the United States, and whilst he was also a dictator, the administration quite literally left him to the mob. Now they have an Islamic Brotherhood in power in Egypt with a boarder to Israel...thats just...real clever isnt it?

The one thing that the west havent realized yet is that, firstly, Democracy only amounts to "ellected dictatorship" and secondly, They dont realize that sometimes people DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM...sometimes the Will of the People is really not a wise thing to indulge

I NEVER understood why America and England allowed what became of poor Hosni I really dont.

The best rule of thumb is a benign and well loved dictatorship, it has to be said. It is stable, everyone knows the state of play, everyone is fine with the state of play. Sometimes "Revolutions" just give birth to other monsters, no better then the monsters they decapitated.

There are two things to note about this attack...firstly, I concure that this was a planned event, and that it was to do with marking 9/11 and not to do with the film. HOWEVER, I think the general mood has everything to do with the film, and its a case of "any excuse"

This is going to turn shockingly bad for Barack Obama, who must know what Israel will do in the next two months...and how do we think that will go down in the arab world? Not well...Egypt and Jordan provided safety for Israel when she angered the arabs because they WERE relatively liberal...Egypt getting a more conservative form of Islam is not going to be so relaxed when their better friends the Iranians get an airstrike up the arse....

I dont really see how Barack Obama can hope to win the ellection now...embassies bombed, ambassidors dead, and Israel about to go AWOL over Iran....and all when Obama should be talking the talk and walking the walk....if he says its wrong, he will anger the islamists and it will get worse, if he says its okay and does nothing, the Americans will think he has no bottle...if he aggrees with Israel, the rest of the world are going to roll their eyes at the Americans flippent foreign policy and say it has more exceptions then rules...if he condemns Israel he can say good bye to his cherished Jewish Vote.

Lets see him talk himself out of this one....all Romney has to do is stand back and watch...I think the Democrat campaign is about to come crashing down, and GOD willing, it will take the current administration with it.
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