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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah ... its so despicable that he is trying to stop violence and killing around the globe ... the idiot that made this movie had one motive and that it to piss people off and cause this crap ... if you have watched the film, he duped the actors and everyone in the film into making what he made .. and i don't even think he is american ... i think he is eqyptian ... but whatever ..
So, if a Michael Moore movie makes me angry and I kill somebody over it, then it's Michael Moore's fault not mine? The only reason that idiot makes movies is to piss people off, so isn't it the same thing?

Freedom of expression is one of the founding principles of this country. By speaking out against free expression, the President makes our country look weak and divided. In the long run, that is going to cost more lives than these riots.

Besides, the film is just a convenient excuse, I'm fully convinced these riots were planned out long before. The Obama Administration is just working overtime to cover up the fact that al Qaeda is alive and well post-Osama bin Laden.
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