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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
Point taken, he hasn't been a finishing champion, and although I admit some personal disappointment in the results, I don't translate that into disparagement towards Georges. I can only hope that he gets some finishes while still champion in his prime & loses a few detractors. You know fickle MMA fans...if GSP knocks out "the runner" Condit, then he'll be a KO artist, and Condit will have a glass jaw...until the next fight, at least.
Well first of all Condit isn't a runner! No matter how much the Diaz Lovers love to throw that out. Carlos landed and threw more in that fight! Yes! He out-struck the mighty Diaz! Beat him at his own game! The difference was Carlos evaded him the whole fightg and landed some solid strikes!! If Diaz was so enraged with Carlos plan.. why didn't he take him down from the get go?! Carlos has more finishes by submission and by stoppage then Nick! He has a better Ratio!

Second of All Carlos has a Granite chin!! And the Heart of a Lion or a (Frankie Edgar)

I agree to the point where I also hope for Georges to get more stoppages but with that said...

If anyone should upset Georges... Not that he will get upset but if someone where to do it... I think in my opinion it should be Carlos! He's such a cool dude I met him at the Convention and he seem like a really genuine guy.
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