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Default The Truth about Hillsborough

in 1989 something truely horrible happened at a football game.

It is without doubt, the worst accident to have occured inside a football Stadium in England. In a High Profile match between Liverpool and Nottingham, and it was aggreed to be staged in Sheffield at the Hillsborough Stadium.

Whilst the Staduim was being filled, something went very wrong with the crowd control and a human crush occured, bad enough to crush 96 people to death and injure more then 700 people, some of whom fell from the upper sections of the Stadium.

The Police Department responsible for this tragic event was The South Yorkshire Police who had just been used by Margaret Thatcher to supress the Miners of the area, an Industry she pretty much distroyed, and a Union she well and truely broke.

The Police at the time, along with the administration were worried that the Police force would be blamed, and so they began to formulate a way of shifting the blame to the liverpool fans.

They created the scenario that under a premeditated situation, a sudden flux of Liverpool supporters had appeared, and pretty much stormed the Stadium, causing the crush, and being thoroughly unrepentant about the manner in which they did so, abusing police officers, stealing from the dead...and that due to this malicious intent, the Police had been unable to make the stadium safe enough for the Medical aid to be permitted into the grounds. Along with the local council, this information was leaked to the newspapers, and they printed it.

The problem with this scenario is that it was entirely fabricated, as the True inquest and Classified Documents show. Over 100 police statements were modified from the original, blood alcohol tests were taken from the dead children to try and show they were drunk and disorderly, and criminal checks were run on all the injured and dead in an attempt to prove they were criminals. The original reports and findings blamed the police, and these were supressed.

A later inquest about a decade later also cleared the medical aid issue by claiming falsely that by 3.15pm all those who perished were already dead, and thus even if the medical attention had arrived, they could never have been saved.

The families continued to protest along with the fanbase of Liverpool that they were being framed, and whilst they attempted private prosecutions of the senior police at the time, and they were successful in forcing the police to being disciplinary procedures, the truth of the matter did not come to light until re-ignited by the Twentieth Anniversary.

The Bishop of Liverpool was tasked with setting up an independant pannel and being privvy to the entire library of classified documents. Yesterday the Bishop of Liverpool, horrified at the Truth in comparison to the lies, went public and told everyone at a meeting within the Cathedral what had happened.

The Safety Standards of the Hillsborough Stadium were insufficent on a legal level. Instead of putting the larger Liverpool fanbase in the larger end, they had decided, stupidly, to put them in the smaller end. The Police had not handled crowd control, had opened too many gates when they realized the size of the fanbase and crammed them all in. For some unknown reason, probably because they didnt really know what had happened...when the crush occured, the medical services were ordered to wait.

The evidence shows that far from everybody dying in the crush. Most were serverely injured, but still alive by 3.15...and an estimated half of the fatalities could have been avoided with the provision of quick medical attention.

When South Yorkshire Police realized they were to blame, the management changed all the true reports, fabricated a completely non-existant set of events that blamed those injured and dead, and deliberately leaked it to the papers.

The Government supressed the initial findings as the Thatcherite Administration faced its toughest time that would ultimately lead to its topple, and the Medical practitioners were also aware and tried at the later inquiry to shrug the blame by claiming everyone who died, did so imediately, and their absence due to police noncompliance was a mute point.

Needless to say it has been a very sad day indeed in England.
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