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Originally Posted by EHLERZ5 View Post
Think of about 3-4 years ago..... Did you peeps ever remember this happening alot? Or did they just "man up" and fight through whatever.... I wonder if Matt ever had a significant injury but just went out and preformed?
I think that most fighters do back out if they are injured, now that they have some sort of insurance with the UFC they don't need to fight injured.

On that note.... I'm really surprised Dana hasn't reached out to one of his Hall of Famers or Fan Favs to come in to try to save the day.... Silva Vs Bonner? Just not gonna glue this broken card together for him I'm afraid... especially a PPV....
The UFC is putting on alot of cards and the injury bug definitely hit them this summer. But this happened in 2010 also, look at UFC 108. On 4 weeks notice I think the the UFC did ok. Are they great fights, no. But they will probably appease the crowd in Rio to have Anderson and Big Nog fighting.

I am not giving Bonnar any chance of winning this fight, but I think he will bring it. I don't think he has ever been KO'ed or subbed so it could make for a fun fight.
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