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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
This guy is a Mo Ron. A bonus is unfair by definition. It is something EXTRA given out for doing something that pleases the company. A bonus is a means of showing favoritism towards someone who helped the company. How many paragraphs did this guy spend missing this simple point? This is the guy who doesn’t show up for work half the time and then complains when everyone else gets an attendance bonus. We Tod.
He actually isn't hes name is Luke Thomas and he is one of the smartest (reporter/editor) whatever you want to call him in the sport.

What he meant was that for the most part the people that win bonuses are people who are already stars and have made it in the game. Fighters who make good money and for the most part dont need a bonus. He also said that the people getting the bonus really did earn it. He isn't saying that the UFC is mean and isnt giving the bonuses rightfully so. He said that maybe the UFC should have like a different system when it came to giving bonuses. Maybe some bonuses for the prelims and some for the main card. He explained it better in his podcast.
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