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Something terrible has happened today. My Father has basically lost his job

Fourteen Years ago, on a hunch which was prooved to be correct with time, My Father left his engineering job and moved up north to work during the week, whilst commuting at weekends. He joined a firm that makes bits that go inside mobile phone baystations.

Just prior to the Reccession, the firm was asset stripped by an American Firm. My Fathers place was the only real place in this country to survive, and it diminished by about 70 per cent.

The Company then invested in Europe, the Far East and the Baltic Scandinavia. Despite the recession things got more and more busy and better for this company.

Until today.

Without warning, the Americans appeared in person and declaired the site was closed with immediate effect. Apparently, the same has happened to other sites across Europe and Asia, from what I can see it looks like the company seems to have shrank overnight by half.

The good news is that despite being an American firm now, because their property is on English Soil they must by law abide with Employment law. Though they will do the bear minimum and had already de-unionized the place.

As I understand it an initial consultation phase will be followed by the usual minimum change of contract, twelve weeks, which will leave my Father out of work in time for the new year

It couldnt have come at a worse time! My Sister got married in June 2011, I got my House February 2012, and my other sister will be married April 2013. The contributions from our parents for these key events have been staggering. We are in a double dip recession, the likes of the recovery from the Second World War, and my Parents are both in their mid-late 50s. Their age will work against them in being unemployed and trying to find a new job. Infact my Mother only works part time now.

There is a chance they will have to downsize, as in leave Mornington...maybe, I suppose, even leave the city altogether. We dont know what is going to happen, everyone is really, really upset and shocked
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