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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
ok .. sure .. but you are gonna take a loss ... if he went a head with the card, he woulda taken a bigger hit .. but to throw your employees under the bus to save face is a selfish move ... he knows jones has his haters and most of it would deflect onto jbj and he'd probably get more haters ... jones fought 4 times for him in 2011 and hard guys too ... i just think it was a d ick move on dana's part to deflect blame from himself ..
I guess it comes down to opinion... because I'm glad Dana bashed him! Im sure your employer would talk trash if he offered you to come in for someone who was absent and you declined. Probably not to your face but I'm sure he would let others know. He deserves all the haters he has... its part of the sport.
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