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Originally Posted by Max View Post
It's not Jones' job to decide who deserves a shot at the belt, that is the job of the UFC. Jones was more than willing to say he would fight Chael "any time, any where" and then once any time, any where came up Jones backed out. And once again, people seem to be forgetting that Jones and Jackson both said that Jones turned down the fight because 9 days was not enough time to be ready for a different opponent.
Does anyone really believe that Jones couldn't have gone in and fought Chael even with that short of time to change strategy? I think he could have, and the odds still would have been in his favor to win. When Machida won the chance to fight him, he starts whining how he doesn't want to fight Machida because it's not going to get him the ppv draw and as much $$$$. Wouldn't fighting Chael have gotten him all that more so than fighting Belfort? Chael is a walking talking billboard for the UFC and any fight he is a part of, you couldn't ask for better advertisement for your fight.
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