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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
ok ... i have been away, and last time i was here i said chael didn't deserve the shot ... i think jbj turned down chael because he felt chael didn't deserve a shot at the 205 strap ... i don't think vitor deserves a shot at the belt either, but he deserves it more than chael ... glad jbj and greg are not giving chael the shot at the belt ...
It's not Jones' job to decide who deserves a shot at the belt, that is the job of the UFC. Jones was more than willing to say he would fight Chael "any time, any where" and then once any time, any where came up Jones backed out. And once again, people seem to be forgetting that Jones and Jackson both said that Jones turned down the fight because 9 days was not enough time to be ready for a different opponent.

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