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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Simple answer: NEVER

Anytime we place our loyalty to a person ahead of our loyalty to GOD, then it becomes idolatry.
Thanks...thats what I thought.

The problem with fraternities is once your in you cant really get out...and you might find you've bound yourself to a moral retard or something

I could never join...nor really condone participation in such things...unless certain that couldnt happen...whilst its fine in a secular know like being in the military or something...I dont like those which claim to be specifically philanthropic and religious. fallen worldey set themselves up for failure in a fallen world...and im not sure how far I could really trust someone involved in that sort of thing.

You'd be suprised who are members of fraternities like Free Masons and Opus Dei...callus though it almost have to assume anyone in any high level of influence could be potentially able to band with any other person of the same level, against you, if they so saw fit to do.

For all I know...YOU could be one

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