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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
Well I don't find you intimidating. I think we have had quarrels over Bj Penn and a few other things. So in essence I have gone against you publicly several times. Hope that helps?
Unfortunately...I've just thought...those who DO find me intimidating wont respond will they...for obvious reasons

So..if I did find my self intimidating, and found everyone who responds said no...I might still be a product of everyone else, and the theory may still hold true...just because they dont reply, doesnt mean they dont exist...and if five reply, and fifty dont...then more would think Yes...

...this is impossible...either way I cant proove or disproove the theory like this...i'd have to ask EVERYONE individually...and frankly...I cant be arsed

I always post first and think second. Nevermind...lets just hope noone else notices
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