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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
This is one of your finest passive-aggressive threads ever.. The answer.
Im not doing this for the reason you think I am...I'm working on a theory of symbolic interactionalism, that says that you only know who you are from feedback with others...

Now I know what I am...but I want to see if everyone else aggrees with me. If they do not aggree with me, the theory is bollox, coz in order for the theory to work, my basis of who I am, is completely dependent, on the interaction.

If everyone agrees with me...then it must be correct I suppose...and maybe what I think of myself is not governed by myself...but others...which would be really bizzare

its Erving Goffman if you want to look him up and its come about through a conversation with someone I had about symbolic interactionalism on facebook...So this forum is just one of many outlets

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