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Exclamation Christian Brotherhoods

Can I it EVER okay, even in a Christian Brotherhood, to put your loyalty to you "brothers" ahead of your Loyalty to GOD?

Can a person be anything more then a Deist if they believe that to sware an oath to protect other humans and help other humans at ALL and ANY cost is okay?

I would especially like to know any who care to expound on how, if they take their oaths seriously, they can also be true to the Christian GOD come a conflict of interest.

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty much fine, making what I now believe to be a very false assumption that people in such groups as Opus Dei, and Free Masonary was just a long excluded part of christondom based on the fact many cant handle the strong sense of symbolism in their rituals...and whilst I find that perfectly alright because I have studied symbology...I find that pledges of alligience only ever seem to relate to the society itself...not to the content of that society...thus you may pledge to your Brothers in a society designed to serve GOD...or claims it is thus...but you never actually make any vow to GOD...thus when conflict of interest happens...and ive seen things across the last week that makes me think that some who I thought were good Christians and examples to follow...actually might not be after all.

I suppose its too much to expect that those involved in these kinds of actions, and can get into places of influence, might dare to stand up for GOD...a Brotherhood is all very well only so long as those in it are devout...find a bad apple, and you find yourself tied to people who will use your loyalty to buy silence for their action, shelter from righteous justice...and general political point scoring in work place politics.
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