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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Well, guess we won't be seeing Pat in the UFC HoF for a while longer now, huh?
I cant believe that He 1) thinks its fine for a reigning Champion to turn down a fight, I'm quite honnestly shocked at that bit. Sure his reasoning to do with the administration is correct...but how about personal integrity for Jones...and backing Jackson sucks eggs to be honnest...His fighters are doing active damage to the sport as a whole, to not recognise the problems of that one is to be blinded by the gypsy I'm afraid. Fraternities can be funny things sometimes

2) he's making his statement through BJ Penns website I dont know why that eeeks me...but it does

I have much admiration for the man, but I do feel he's wrong about this issue except for the fact the company should share the blame. I think the whole reason we have this debate is because a massive number of people DO NOT feel as he expressed, and that, in a world, where you are dominated by the need to make money which plays to public opinion, Mr Miletich might have missed the point in Chael Sonnen.... Organizational Sucide...over a McShouty who has created his own worth in gold for speaking smack...No, No...this is win-win for the organisation...if Jones were to fail...they can market Chael just as well...thats what I think some people are missing in all this..."Biggest star" is completely relative...Golden Boys are raised, and then dispatched, and another put in their place. This is NOT the same game it was ten years ago...least of all because all that hard work in gaining fans has led to one thing...mob rule...its not going to be about athleticism alone, as it might have been...its now equally about who can quell the crowds.
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