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I can't Stand this Bull Shi@ about Jones had to risk losing and had nothing to win by fighting Sonnen!?!?!

F' that he's a fighter that's what fighting is about you always risk losing! For te most part there's two outcomes you either win or you lose! Or If you're Frankie Edgar you get robbed.. But that's another story. If he's the best he should fight the best and win. Just like contenders if they fight and lose then they werent ment to be champions.

So just to get this straight he opted not to fight Chael who is I believe at the moment the #1 PPV draw... The person who gave the #1 fighter the beating of his lifetime and the person who would give him the best PPV money

And for what?

To take a fight with a has been. Who not so long ago was going to fight Wanderlei... Wanderlei!! And Who in all possibility will get injured and pull out of the fight..

So I guess at the end of the day

He got what he Wanted an easier fight...

I would really enjoy this backfiring in his face and Vitor putting him to sleep


I'm pretty Sure Jones will destroy him in the first round.
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