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Originally Posted by Primadawn View Post
Well, the money that the UFC lost on this card was nobody's fault but their own. You're not the "hero" if you step up and take a fight on 8 days notice under tremendous pressure --and then end up by some fluke losing your belt to a guy that didn't deserve the fight to begin with. Jones stood to lose a lot if he took the fight--and still lost his paycheck by not fighting.

Everybody can judge all they want, but I'll tell you this--I think you'd be hard pressed to find many (or any) among us that would voluntarily do something for our employer to help them out of a bad situation that THEY created themselves at great personal risk to ourselves.

Exactly. Ok I sound like a big ol' hypocrite. However I admire the fact Mike stepped in to fight Sonnen w/less than 10 days prep.
However look what that did to him gave him a big L on his record (I felt he won so W to me ;). He would have ate Maia alive that night instead he stepped in (which I am proud) but the UFC still won't give him a title shot. He's in limbo.

Look at Tito when he stepped in after his win over Bader to fight Rashad with not much time.. A huge L..
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