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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
I agree with Pat, although I do think JBJ should have taken the fight, I also figured he had earned enough "good will" in his previous 18 months to NOT get thrown under a bus by not taking the fight. Shogun & Machida won't fight on 30 days notice in Toronto. That, IMO, is worse. So we end up with another 185'er stepping in, who wasn't even in line for a shot at Silva any time soon. Yawn.
How has he earned good will in the previous 18 mos, by showing up for his fights, for winning? Showing up, that's a good thing, but that's what he's supposed to do, you don't get extra brownie points for that. And winning, he's gotten the rewards... You bank good will when you're willing to step up even though you're not obligated to do so, and especially when it's not necessarily in your best interest. People eat that stuff up! You're either a hero or a zero.
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