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Thank Goodness Michelle came in here and started making sense of all this! I completely agree! Yeah, Matt took some fights on really short notice, he's a stand up guy and all that and I love him for it. But those fights put L's on his record!

I do not fault Jones in the least for refusing this fight. I don't think for a second that Sonnen would have won-but still! You're training for a specific fighter and they want to change the game 8 days prior to the fight--and YOUR title's on the line? AND they want to give you a guy who hasn't earned a title shot by FAR? It's MMA. We all know ANYBODY can get caught--to get caught by Chael Sonnen for YOUR title when you trained for 8 days? No way.

All this talk about integrity is nauseating. If you think Jones has no integrity because he didn't take this fight, you need to do some research on the meaning of the word. And if you think Dana White is going to hold a grudge on this--you're mistaken. JBJ buts butts in the seats and PPV's on TV's. Let's get real. THAT is Dana White's bottom line. Even now, when people are hating on JBJ, they'll tune in hoping to see him get beaten. It's a win/win.

And if it's not acceptable to turn down a fight with a last minute replacement on next to no notice, why do the fighters have that option? If you don't want them to be able to refuse, UFC, then put that in the contracts. Otherwise, get over it. Don't offer someone the "option" and then get all bent when they take it.

As for Chael "stepping up", what a joke! Really? He accepted a fight he's been begging for. Was handed a title shot on a silver platter that he didn't even START to ear. Yep, he's quite a guy!
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