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Default What's with these idiots breaking into MMA gyms??

The ultimate quote by Don Frye regarding Russian men can't be used enough, and this is yet another example of it needing to be copy/pasted into a MiddleEasy article for effect.
'God damn Russians are the last men on the planet. Everybody in the US has been feminized so bad that we should all be carrying a purse and high heels. Those are the last men, we need a Putin. Where's our Putin? We need someone that's going to kick ass and not run around apologizing for it.'
It pains me to admit that these two thieves who were caught stealing cellular telephones from a Russian gym and forced to fight as punishment would somehow come out on the good side of a lawsuit or court ruling in the USA, but in Russia the land is still ruled like Ron Swanson with an iron mustache. The way things should be? Maybe. Entertaining? Oh yes, very much so.

Watch the video brought to our attention by KnockoutFootage, with a semi-translation by Ted Malahkov.!
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