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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
Thanks to MMAWeekly

A lot of Mid-Westerners, a few Miletich guys, Team Quest, IFL, WEC and UFC vets; some of the US guys have crazy credentials and a lot of experience. The UK is already behind a few years in the MMA game (just like the East Coast was behind the West Coast for a while) and then they have to go and face these Americans with their impressive histories and camps. This should should be a pretty good season, I feel like I can get behind these fighters (as opposed to Bader or Junie) and relate/root for them. I tell you what kids, living in a different country really makes you appreciate your home land. (Single tear rolls down cheek as Star Spangled Banner plays in the distance as I stand in front of the American flag, hand over heart.)

I wonder how they are going to pick the first 16. Are the Brits going to have to fight each other to claim a place on the UK team, and the Americans the same. Or are they going to go US vs. UK right away... because that could lead to disproportionate team numbers if one country (Read: America) qualifies more representatives.
HEY I KNOW some of those!!

Jason Pierce I've heard of, Jason Dent I've heard of, Che Mills I talked to and seen fight, David Faulkner i've seen fight, Tommy Maguire ive heard of, cant recall if ive seen him or not, Gary Kelly and Ross Pearson I've heard of.

I'm glad that Che Mills got in

its a shame none of the Suckerpunch Fighters got on the US team though
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