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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
Right, and he got his ass kicked. There's no honor in that.

2) this isn't a team sport now is it?
1) I dissagree

2) No. Its basic retail...its a bloody business, and a bloody career...if you get paid to do a job you should bloody do the job. This isnt about other fighters, its about the man and the company.

What do you think refusing Dana White is going to do to your career?? have you not realized that he can hold a grudge forever...he will move, im telling you right now, to oust Jones...and when Jones is felled, DONT expect him to get a rematch...If Greg Jackson pushes Dana White much further White will me...Jackson is only safe because of GSP whose been out so long people dont even know if he will win his return fight...Golden boy loooses his head, Ludus will find that White moves to sideswipe anyone connected to the fight camp. Remember Jon Fitch and the AKA saga? Remember Patrick Miletich and the IFL anger that tried to split MFS up by organising events on the same day? Thats politics.

This isnt about thinking of others...its about doing what you can to save yourself, and in the long term, to turn down a fight as a Champion, causing the distruction of the card will have done you FAR more damage then to looose a close bloody decision and get an instant rematch.

So your defeated by your own argument if you take time to think about the implications of what saying No has done...its damaged him more then a loss. We are the shareholders, and if we are not happy your stock will drop. Forums all over the internet are overwhelmingly against Jon Jones on this gauged that one well didnt he
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